John Lauer  Do you see the need to create a new portal for the

(Anthony Webb) #1

@jlauer Do you see the need to create a new portal for the TinyG2, or will the TinyG portal suffice? I got the latest edge code loaded onto my arduino due, and it appears to connect fine with the serial json server from here but I am wondering if for things like the configuration and such if it will need to have its own home or if you plan on adding some logic to handle the TinyG2 in the same portal?


I’ve been using TinyG2 from the same portal for quite a while including heavily for the last 2 days and things are fine. The only difference is that I have to establish the settings for the G2 from the cog wheel icon in the SPJS widget in lower right of CP since there’s no EEPROM. I’d rather not do a new workspace if I can avoid it.

(Anthony Webb) #3

@jlauer I agree, one workspace is best. At worst we might have to redo the settings widget to accommodate for the differences between TinyG/G2 for instance, the TinyG only supports 4 motors, but the G2 supports more. I am not sure if there are other configuration differences we should try and accommodate for.


Agreed. I do think it would be fairly easy to detect if you’re on a G2 or not. In fact, I believe I already do detect it inside the TinyG widget because I have to detect the version number differently so I don’t toss up an error telling you your version is too low.

How are you solving the EEPROM issue for your settings?

(Anthony Webb) #5

I have not had a chance to dig into the EEPROM issue, at the moment I am trying to get some motion from my G2 and some clearpath (teknic) servo motors for a new CNC project I am hacking around with. Once I get that done I will take a look.


Are you using the G2 with the servos? If so, how are you doing that? Do some servos take step signals?

(Kevin Hauser) #7

The settings widget is getting a little overhaul that will make it more than capable of handling G2 settings now and in the future. Carl’s change to it should allow you all to persist and restore the settings in the absence of EEPROM…

(Anthony Webb) #8

@jlauer I’m really only familiar with the clearpath servos (and only just a little bit) but those have integrated controllers that will accept step/direction signals directly from the G2. The only caveat I am up against right now is that the clearpath needs 5v signals and the g2 is all 3.3v, so I need to put together a little logic level converter, which is fine because I need to put together a little shield with some screw terminals anyway. At any rate, looking very possible. I will record some videos once I get it all mocked up.

Sidenote, this servos are nearly dead silent, and silky smooth. If anyone is interested in some servo porn, watch the entire video on this page, perhaps I am easy to impress, but it was this video that really got my mind rolling on motion control stuff:

(Kevin Hauser) #9

Those look really pricey. What are the benefits compared to steppers?

(Anthony Webb) #10

@Kevin_Hauser Servos are closed loop, very accurate, and very quiet, they pack a very big punch. This particular package is nice because it is entirely self contained, no expense of separate motor drivers wires or hardware hanging out there. Definitely not the cheapest route though.

(Anthony Webb) #11

These clearpath servos are near dead silent. Only hiccup I have now is the tinyg wants to pull the enable pin low to enable the servo, but my servo expects to be pulled high to enable. If any of you know if this is possible to change in the config please let me know. Right now for testing I am pulling it high manually.

(Kevin Hauser) #12

I don’t know if the tinyg supports changing the logic, but if not it’s easily done with a transistor…