Jog not working

Hey Guys
I got some problems with the Jog function.
It is not generating step pulses.
It seams like the pwm generator is not runing / working.
Moving with G-code is working fine.

I got it nearly working, I had to change the
m.dutyAtRun = (2^m.bits)
in Jog_v3 to
m.dutyAtRun = (2^(m.bits-1)),
but now it skips some steps.

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Yeah, I had some problems in that m.bits-1 as well. Looks like you’re doing it the right way.

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When you say skips some steps, do you mean the pulse counter is doing a bad job seeing every pulse and thus the actuator ends up not knowing it’s own position after the jog is over?

The pulse counter is doing a perfect job, I just got some cheap aliexpress motors who can’t do such microsteps. Now i just turned of the microsteps and its working fine.
(sry for my bad english im from Switzerland)