Job sticks under Macos

I have everything working, running a tinyG. I can send a file from Coolterm and it finishes. Everything Laserweb looks fine except when I start a job it will only execute several of the commands before it freezes. Could this be a flow control issue? At one point I thought it was not having CTS flow control set in the TinyG, but it still does it. How is flow control in Laserweb set: does it just inherit what the port was set up for?
Thanks and would appreciate any help.

LaserWeb information

On the About page, I see that I have:

  • Frontend version: _____________
  • Backend version: _____________

My settings are:

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Problem description

When I _____, I expect _____, but instead _____ happens.

This problem is new since _______ | has always happened.

Here is sample gcode that demonstrates the problem

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System description

  • My machine is a CO2 Laser | diode laser | mill | lathe | other


  • It has NAME_OF_FIRMWARE version VERSION_OF_FIRMWARE installed

  • I connect via USB | Serial | Ethernet | WiFi using telnet | websocket

  • My computer(s) on which I run LaserWeb run(s) Linux version | Mac version | Windows version ________

Here is my configuration:

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LaserWeb does not handle RTS/CTS, this is handled by the underlying USB serial driver. LW does “flow control” by calculating the controller buffer size and only sends the next line when there is enough space for it. But there are slight differences for different firmwares and as far as I know tinyG must be set into a special mode to be mostly grbl compatible.