Job sticks under Macos

I have everything working, running a tinyG. I can send a file from Coolterm and it finishes. Everything Laserweb looks fine except when I start a job it will only execute several of the commands before it freezes. Could this be a flow control issue? At one point I thought it was not having CTS flow control set in the TinyG, but it still does it. How is flow control in Laserweb set: does it just inherit what the port was set up for?
Thanks and would appreciate any help.

LaserWeb information

On the About page, I see that I have:

  • Frontend version: _____________
  • Backend version: _____________

My settings are:

<go to Settings / Tools and save your LaserWeb Settings to a json file, 
then open that file with a text editor and copy/paste the content here>

Problem description

When I _____, I expect _____, but instead _____ happens.

This problem is new since _______ | has always happened.

Here is sample gcode that demonstrates the problem

<paste the contents of the gcode segment here>

System description

  • My machine is a CO2 Laser | diode laser | mill | lathe | other


  • It has NAME_OF_FIRMWARE version VERSION_OF_FIRMWARE installed

  • I connect via USB | Serial | Ethernet | WiFi using telnet | websocket

  • My computer(s) on which I run LaserWeb run(s) Linux version | Mac version | Windows version ________

Here is my configuration:

<paste the contents of your machine configuration file or $$ output here>