Jimmy Buffett Roof Rack Shark Fin

This is an old make I dug out with news of the passing of Jimmy Buffett this morning. My wife and I are long time parrot heads. RIP Jimmy :saluting_face::pirate_flag::parrot::thong_sandal::palm_tree:

This is a shark fin I made circa 1998 that bolted to roof rack of our mini van for concert road trips. The fin is cut from 1/2” plywood. The base of the fin is made from 2 pieces of 2x4 that sandwich the fin. All bolts are made from 1/4” all thread with associated nuts and washers.
The base was notched on both ends to fit on the cross members of the roof rack system. Clamps were made from 1/8”x1” steel strips and 1/4” all thread bolts.

Got so many people pointing and snapping pictures as we went down the road. :grin:


How did you make something like that before you got a laser? :thinking::wink:

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Ye olde jig saw. :grin:

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Nice tribute, Parrot Heads and being a Parrot Head has always been fun. I might have to mount one of our SUB fins on the top of our GEM NEV.


I just took the dog on walk around the neighborhood and heard at least 6 houses playing Jimmy Buffett in the backyards. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :pirate_flag::palm_tree::parrot::thong_sandal:


Though I am not a parrot head I am saddened to hear his passing. I have dear friends who are parrot heads.