I've written a comprehensive user review about the MakerBot Replicator 5th Generation.

(Nick Lievendag) #1

I’ve written a comprehensive user review about the MakerBot Replicator 5th Generation. I owned one for 3 months before sending it back.

(Marty G) #2

nice write up Nick… sounded like a nightmare bud…
I’ve been quite fortunate with my Reprap medal printer, prints could be a little better, circles could be a bit more circular but all in all, quite a nice bit of tech!

(Sven Eric Nielsen) #3

It sounds like makerbot have learned NOTHING from the 4th generation. They are just a marketing machine. They have stolen good ideas from the community and realized them in the most annoying way. I had the feeling (on my replicator 2x) that they have never tested this printer. It sounds they have chosen the same way for the 5th generation. In fact, the rep2x is more or less not able to print pla without “clicking of death”.
And BTW, the extruder (not the hotend it self) is a really stupid design. I’ve learned a lot about extruder and hotends. And when you’ve tested a e3d then you know how a good hotend should look like.

(Mike Miller) #4

The whole ‘you cannot access the internals of the extruder’ thing amazes me. Yeah, I’m pretty sure the average person doesn’t want to perform the ritualistic dance with pliers, wrenches, and a 240C loose hot end, but if I couldn’t clear my nozzle myself, I’d have NEVER been able to get a successful print.

(Steve Johnstone) #5

Great write up Nick,

I’m sure other potential owners will find it useful. When ever someone tells me that they are thinking of purchasing a makerbot I always advise them to spend a couple of weeks following makerbot operator users group.

At least that way they will know exactly what they are getting into.

(Daniel Norée) #6

I really admire you patience @Nick_Lievendag

(Jos Scheepers) #7

Great review Nick.
I thought they were a lot cheaper and said to myself: you get what you pay for. But 3000EUR??
You can get a Cartesio for that money.

(Jan Gaare) #8

Thankful for your efforts and review, ID Jan

(Nick Lievendag) #9

Thanks for the replies @Jan_Gaare @Jos_Scheepers @Daniel_Noree @Steve_Johnstone @Sven_Eric_Nielsen & @Marty_G !

Following up on the Replicator Review I’ve just started a multi-part Journal about the 3D printer that will take it’s place - the Leapfrog Creatr HS: http://nicklievendag.com/creatr-hs-vs-replicator-5th-gen-part-1/

(Will Dent) #10

Great write up Nick.
The extruder jamming on a machine that expensive and offering no way of cleaning it out is totally unacceptable. Glad you finally dumped that piece of junk and got something better.