I've created an archive of my own posts to this community:

(Jason Coon) #1

I’ve created an archive of my own posts to this community: https://jasoncoon.github.io/gplus-archive

You should be able to search and page through the posts. Everything should be deep/perma linkable (posts, comments, etc). Most of the media is in the export, but I won’t bother with hosting it as long as it’s still available from its original source.

It’s hosted for free on GitHub pages, which does not provide any backend or server-side functionality, so I had to do everything with client-side javascript. I decided to use React, since that’s what I’m currently using at my day job. I’m sure there are lots of other (and perhaps better) ways to do this. I started by thinking I’d just use GitHub pages to host the HTML format of the export, but it looks pretty terrible and doesn’t provide any way to search or page through the posts.

We should be able to do the same for all posts to this community. I’ll start investigating that next.

If you’d like to create and share an archive of your own posts, there are instructions here: https://github.com/evilgeniuslabs/gplus-archive

Let me know if you find any bugs/issues, have any questions, etc.

(Jason Coon) #2

Here’s a deep link to a search: https://jasoncoon.github.io/gplus-archive/?search=fibonacci

But it looks like GitHub pages is having a problem with the deep links to posts and comments: https://jasoncoon.github.io/gplus-archive/posts/20150817%20-%20OK,%20I%20have%20XY%20mapping%20working,%20and%20it%20l

Works fine locally. Sigh. :slight_smile:

(Jason Coon) #3

OK, I’ve mostly fixed perma links. It won’t scroll to the highlighted comment yet, but I’m getting closer. :slight_smile: https://jasoncoon.github.io/gplus-archive/posts/PsFjSyFbf2e#comment-1

(Dushyant Ahuja) #4

Thanks a lot. This looks really good.

(John Oatham) #5

@Jason_Coon Excellent work; I was concerned that this content would all get lost, but hope you can work out a way of archiving the whole FastLed community before Google slams the door on this.