I've been running a job 380 lines, contour, about 1h, aluminium.

I’ve been running a job 380 lines, contour, about 1h, aluminium. Suddenly, chillipeppr decided to turn into a workpiece. It happend in the middle of a final roughing depth before the final step. The only thing i did differently was the overdrives. Ive never used it before. The machine coordinates were ok. Work coordinates changed. Anybody experienced smt like that?

I doubt it’s ChiliPeppr that created your problem. Remember, ChiliPeppr simply uploads the Gcode to your controller. What controller are you using? Is it possible you lost steps on one of your axes and that started to degrade into what you saw? Why type of machine are you using?

Im using xpro (gerber). Lead screw.
Now, Im afraid to leave the machine even for a second. I dont think Ive lost any steps, because machine coordinates were spot on. It happend two times already, the second time i managed to quickly hit the stop button. I thought it was related to overdrives as Ive tried it fir the first time.
Also, I cant pause the job. I can only use stop feed. Is it because Chillipeppr sends 50 lines of code to Json? Im wasnt changing it as those are the recommended settings.

Feedstop in ChiliPeppr is the way to stop your machine. The pause button in ChiliPeppr just stops sending Gcode to the Serial Port JSON Server. I know it takes a bit to get used to.