It's not guns that kill people,

It’s not guns that kill people, it’s 3D printers that produce guns that kill people.

“Sen. Leland Yee (D-San Francisco) wants regulations that would possibly track the printers and who has access to them, though he’s not sure how he wants the legislation to work.”
Oh man, it might be the lack of sleep, but that made me laugh pretty hard.

Reminds me of our (Toronto’s) mayor … he wants new subways (which most people agree with), but has no idea how they should be paid for. He literally said, let’s build it first and then we’ll figure out how to pay for it afterwards. Politicians … :smiley:

The more regulations you impose on people the less responsible they become.

BS re: more regulations. Regulations create the means to punish those who are irresponsible. Otherwise, it is simply irresponsible to just allow people to do whatever they want without consequences.

@Chris_Mowat_SnowTige – in theory, I agree. In practice, such laws tend to become excuses for cracking down on legit civil rights. Personally, I believe most people are peaceful and civil, and why should the majority labour under a yoke created by very very few?

I hear you @Patrick_Bay it is always the few that screw it up for the majority. It has always been that way. But without those regulations, you can’t get at those idiots.
Unfortunately, regulations have been used as you say, but it is times and situations like that when “the People” must stand up and demand that their rights are not infringed on in order to enforce the regulations. i.e. Refine the Legislation.