it is so insane silent i always think ther must be a error printer

it is so insane silent #tmc2130
i always think ther must be a error printer stopped

Trinamic really makes a difference. Upon testing my boards, I couldn’t figure why the extruder was not turning, but then realized it was just that silent!

@Griffin_Paquette ​ Could someone upload a video of just how loud these are at full printing speeds? I didn’t realize these were that quiet?

@Aaron_Spaulding check my post from a week or two ago. Mine are the 2208’s on my custom board, so they are just as silent as the 2130’s, but look a tad different.

They are only silent when moving slowly. At high speed and acceleration the steppers will be very loud.

I couldn’t get them loud at 400mm the mechanics give up and motor still is
silent or quieter than the igus bearings…

I am using tmc2660 at 1.5A, 300mm/s speed and 5000mm/s^2 with 16x microstepping interpolated to 256. It’s very loud but I have some pulleys on my y-axis and a 400 steps per revolution motor so I get about 1500 steps per mm.

Okay that sounds noisy I turned my driver as low as possible to use sensorless homing, plus stealthChop what tmc2660 dosent provide, I think.
Does anyone else use sensorless homing? Ever tried on Z leadsrews?

I tried it once but I had to set the motor current extremely low (iirc 200mA) which made the stallguard too noisy to be useful.

Took a while to tune sensorless_homing still don’t know best settings on xy have -5 but can’t go over 650mA otherwise it dosent detect stalls…

That is the beauty of the tmc2660, I can set a lower current for homing and a high current for operation through SPI.

I think that should be possible for 2130 too, but I get I only scratched the ton of spi configuration possibilitys

Stealthchop 2 that is in the 2208’s is quite quiet even at higher speed moves. That’s part of the reason why I like them. At 60mm/s or so, all I hear is the bearings and fan.