Is there anything special I need to know about SVG files and laserweb4?

Is there anything special I need to know about SVG files and laserweb4? I have tried to convert a jpg to a svg and when I load the svg in laserweb it take ages to just move the image around the work area (my pc is not the fastest but I do not have this issue when using jpg files). Would I be better with a different file format like DXF? Is there a best file format type for vectored files that laserweb prefers?

Simply put: the more parts there are to the SVG, te harder a time the computer will have manipulating it…
And when I say part, I not only mean individual visible pieces, but also the number of nodes in each of those, number of layers, groups, etc.

Hi, read the first pinned post in this community about some comminuted issues, you’ll find a link to a post that explains how to make SVG faster . Try that please

thanks for the enlightenment CescoAiel! I took another look at the file I was using and it has a huge amount of pieces. Would reducing the number of nodes also reduce the quality of the final image?
Ariel, I will go take a look, thanks for the pointer.
Would a DXF be better than a SVG. Is there any difference between these file types as far as producing a vectored file is concerned?

The file format is simply a container to move the data around. If the data is the same, changing the container won’t help. That said, DXF has a terrible way of representing curves that is much harder to deal with, so most things just convert them to tiny line segments, so I wouldn’t suggest that. You’re more likely to improve your results by using a simplification tool of some kind - fit the curves that come out of the trace to new curves with a loose tolerance, and it’ll produce fewer of them.

Regarding your “which is better” question, SVG, AI, PDF, and EPS internally are very similar in how data is stored. DXF is comparable for everything that isn’t splines. DXF splines are not beziers, they’re NURBS, and aren’t easily converted back and forth.

Hi Jason, Thanks for the answer, it clears things up a bit! I will stick with SVG then.