Is there an easy way to reduce the flash size of the fastled library?

Is there an easy way to reduce the flash size of the fastled library? Im only using the “CHSV” function. and ws2812b leds.

We’ve written the library in such a way that the compiler strips out everything except just the exact code that’s actually getting used.
Are you seeing the compiler include code in the (disassembled) executable that’s not actually being called?

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Thank you mark. I am not sure about to see which code the compiler includes… I really just need a way to simulate a flicker using less than 6 bytes of space. :confused:

Six bytes of flash space is all that’s left for your flicker animation? That’s a tall order!
Maybe this is one of those time the 0.6K-smaller bare minimum Adafruit Neopixel library is the right choice? What device is this running on? If it’s an ATtiny, the Adafruit library may be the way to go.

Heh. since talking i have gotten a little more room. I am running on a 5v trinket. As it stands

I am using this function:

void candle() {
if (millis() > timer + 400) {
for (int x = 0; x < 12; x++) {
y = random8();
leds[x] = CHSV(0, 0, 255 - y);
timer = millis();

but for some reason the leds just blink all at once instead of flicker?

Here is the complete code:

Currently use 5200 bytes of 5310 available; 139 bytes of SRAM

Just one thought, EVERY_N_MILLISECONDS(400) { … } might be smaller. Maybe.
Weird about the synchronized flashing; code looks ok on the surface.

Oh, and if all you’re doing is a “shade of red”, you don’t need CHSV. Just set the led to CRGB( random8(), 0, 0); That should cut code size.

solidwhite() is being called every pass of void loop(), could that cause the synchronized flashing?