Is there a Truggy Build guide anywhere?

Is there a Truggy Build guide anywhere? I’ve been looking for one and couldn’t seem to find any.

@Greg_Krynen Ah, I had seen that. No videos like Daniel had made I assume? Those are great diagrams though, so I’ll give them a go once everything is printed.

@Nate_Walck Yeah I have not seen a nice video or set of videos either. This was the best I could find.

@Nate_Walck I never made any videos for Truggy as it wasn’t as popular at the time. Maybe a few updates and videos would be something to put on the todo list… =)

Yes I struggled with my build,what material to use where? Things like that and the best way to print things. I was new to printing when I started the build,very green. I can’t wait until they make a reliable aluminum printer for the average person. That would be awesome!!! Anyway I found at least my printed parts just would not hold up to my abuse. It could have been the material I used and where it was on the car,but eventually made the chassis out of aluminum