Is the HFSB5-2020-355-AH177_5 in the BoM for the Eustathios Spider V2 supposed to be HFSB5-2020-355-AH177.5?

Is the HFSB5-2020-355-AH177_5 in the BoM for the Eustathios Spider V2 supposed to be HFSB5-2020-355-AH177.5?

If you go to the Google docs version of the BOM from the links in this group most of the parts are hyperlinked to where you can buy them.

According to the part number, look like it’s 2020 Extrusion 177.5mm, from Misumi

Yes it’s .5 if you copy and paste the part numbers into their tool there are a couple that don’t work because the have _ instead of .