Is the da Vinci 1.0 a good buy?

Is the da Vinci 1.0 a good buy? Because Im hearing a lot of pros but also a lot of cons.

Look at davinci 2, hearedit also scans if so it should be a good buy, they need a davince filiment cartride but i believe you can reload them well worth researching,

it works. Software is poor. Printer uses proprietary filament.

I just bought one for sh*t and giggles. I use Simplify3D to slice and bypass the native XYZWare. I’m sure you could do the same with Repetier. As for the proprietary cartridge, I purchased a reset tool to reset the counter so I can use my own filament. All in all I’d say it’s worth every bit of $400. Just expect to do some simple fine tuning to get the most out of it.

It’s not bad but for around the same money you could buy a printrbot simple metal and that thing kicks most printers butts in terms of print quality. Not just for the money but in general.

I love mine. Easy to use. Works out of the box. Inexpensive. Reliable.

@Brigham_Valdez building your own is thankfully not the only way or people like me who are more artist than technician couldn’t have a 3d printer and the most artistic thing you’d have to print would be the gangsta.

@Brigham_Valdez Your personal experience is great, but I still say no to building your own, or at least to recomending that. It’s not easy. It is daunting, intimidating, and time consuming. How many kits remain incomplete because the buyer didn’t realize it was going to be an intensive 3 hours top get it together? Those people could have been making cool stuff this whole time if their printers came pre-assembled.

You managed it. Good for you. But you need to recognize yourself for what you are; an outlier. If 3d printing is ever going to be ubiquitous we’ve all got to stop encouraging people to do more than they may be capable of.

What is your budget?

@Joseph_Larson @Brigham_Valdez you two play nice! I appreciate both of your opinions.

@Luis_E_Rodriguez my price range is 500-800

If you can get the Da Vinci on the cheap (and if you have the space it needs, which is like 2x2x2feet ) it may well be an affordable way to start 3D printing. Once you have a printer working you can design or print someone else’s design to create a new printer.