Is it possible to program these at all remotely after they are initially setup?

(Mark Chaney) #1

Is it possible to program these at all remotely after they are initially setup? Mine aren’t going to be easily accessible after being installed, so a bit concerned about the pain of making programming changes later.

(Mike Thornbury) #2

If you mean one with the NodeMCU firmware, not yet.

It’s quite complicated. You need a tcp/ip tty server on your PC and a watcher app on your ESP.

You can ota reflash the AT firmware, but you would need a way of controlling it and some custom firmware, including your app, for that to give you what you want.

What might work better is for your Lua app to watch a web address for instructions, or create a web server on the ESP that will allow you to download new code.

You would need a file infrastructure that supports your web page and the code you want to change residing in a separate file

(Mark Chaney) #3

Id personally prefer to use the Arduino ide, but thanks for the web server idea.

(Mike Thornbury) #4

The problem with the Arduino IDE is there are few libraries and you don’t end up with much memory left.

(Mark Chaney) #5

Right, but ive already written everything in the arduino ide and tested it on my arduino, so i pretty much already have the functionality that i need and dont require any libraries. i get my esp’s next week, so we will see. Im open to whatever option is best though. Just using it to turn lights off and on through a toggle switch, power relay board, and remote commands.

(Mike Thornbury) #6

The problem is size (ain’t it always?) to program OTA, you need twice the storage you are using -to duplicate, then overwrite.

So, the ATs can, the NodeMCUs can’t.