Is it a CAN BUS or a CANNOT BUS?

I have more funny things to share, adding on to this topic: If it Smells Like Chicken

In FRC robotics, all the major systems of the robot like the main controller, the power panel, motor drivers, and some sensors are all connected together via CAN BUS.

At various points during this year’s build season, I would ask my students whether it was currently a CAN BUS or a CANNOT BUS.

Once we started going to competitions, the students would tell me, without being prompted, whether we had a CAN BUS or a CANNOT BUS.

This quickly escalated to every time the students would pass by me at an event, they would say “The CAN is Bussing”.

This has now reached the point where they want to 3D Print small double decker buses, the kind you would see in London, and place them all along the CAN wiring on the robot.

So yeah. This is how I teach high schoolers to reliably wire a robot. Also, by instilling extreme attention to detail and a love/ hate relationship with zip ties. As it should be.

On a side note, if there are any IGUS reps reading this, I need a drink and to vent about a cable carrier chain that kept breaking on the robot this year.


Had me seeing a Drag Chain made of little London double decker buses. :slight_smile:
What you did Ray was make it fun and silly but also relevant. Well done.