Is anyone using stall detection on the DuetWifi?

Is anyone using stall detection on the DuetWifi?
I’ve just set it up for logging only and tweaked it to not get any false alerts.

I’m using
M915 P0:1 S3 F1 H400 R1

Update: I just had it trigger on a print and it saved the day. It works really well (using R2, which pauses the print, R3 will re-home and continue)

This was one feature that I really liked in the prusa mk3, interested to see how useful it is in practice!

I have mine dialed up to flag and log suspected stalls, actual stalls haven’t happened. Word is sensorless homing works within a specific range of belt tension, so it might require some tuning. I think my cars might have too much drag for it to work.

I’m not wanting to use it for homing, just stall detection during printing. I do print a lot of PET CF and that tends to build up on the nozzle and sometimes catches…

What nozzle do you use? I find that Micro-Swiss nozzles are pretty good at resisting PETG booger buildup.

I’m using E3D nozzles. Normal PET(G) is totally fine, it’s only XT-CF that builds up (on a hardened 0.4 nozzle)

Would be interesting to see if the Olsson Ruby is any better with that…

Ruby might be OK. The thing is partly the geometry and Ruby’s tip seems an OK shape and size. I just consider the E3D style geometry to be too blunt, a finer tip seems to resist boogers.