Is anyone interested in 10lb spools of filament?  If so,

Is anyone interested in 10lb spools of filament? If so, what material/diameter/colors would you want? We’re trying to gauge interest and want your feedback!

Depends on the cost at delivery, I suppose.

We find they’re not very popular, but you get the odd client who has a huge need for a particular colour. Uni.s will also often go “there’s yer colour, use it,” get huge rolls, and let students buy their own fancy colours.

I have a 10lb spool, and they’re not that bad if you have a lazy susan big enough.

If you can get it down to the price of 3 1kg spools, yes. Otherwise, it’s not worth the extra trouble.

My favorite material is MABS.

I’d be interested, but it all depends on total cost.

@Whosa_whatsis : where did you find MABS and why do you like it better than ABS?

As to 10# spools, it has to come in under the cost of two 5# spools by at least 20% (including shipping) before I’d bite. My personal preference would be black and/or natural ABS as I use a lot of those two colors most of the time.

I got my 10lb spool of MABS from someone in the Makerbot group who had five of them custom-made, and sold me one for $100. At the time it wasn’t available anywhere, but now you can find it on 1kg spools from sellers on Amazon, Ebay, and Aliexpress (search for “transparent abs”).

a buck a pound?!? You mean 10 lb?

Typo, now fixed.

Thanks for the feedback, everyone. We’ll see what we can do and may offer them if we can work out a price that makes sense.