Inverted display on Smoopi

I downloaded and installed Smoopi on a Pi 3B and have the 7" display that I picked up from Micro Center when I was in Kansas last March. Never really messed with the display and the whole mess sat in a box until this morning.

Smoopi is up and running and ready to try to connect later in the week.

I do have one issue. The display is inverted as in upside down when the housing is set upright on the desk. I want to use the housing and it is not possible to rotate the hardware in the housing.

How do I get it to display right side up, or in this case, upside down?


For support questions like this, ideally start a new thread for it.

About your question, it’s not really a Smoothie or Smoopi question, it’s a more basic/general Raspberry Pi question, you can find lots of ressources via Google on how to rotate a Raspi’s screen, for example

Hope that helps.


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Well that was easy enough.

My only contact with the Pi is setting one up to run Octoprint on my 3D printer. Display issue never factored into the setup.

Sorry that I did not realize this was a hardware specific issue and not a setting in the Smoopi itself.

Appreciate the quick help!