Interesting power supply found by Phillip Conroy .

Interesting power supply found by @Phillip_Conroy .
Seems to include much of the internal protection and voltage monitoring that one would expect from a modern supply.
I have my doubts that it reports the actual HV output, rather a proxy from the internal PWM controller. If so it may not identify a bad HVT?

I was surprised to find 40w units for $50, additionally the parts $ here are very impressive. I have never done business with Aliexpress as they do not accept PayPal.

This is 80w version did not find a 40W version.

Banggood has 40W supplies for $50 with free shipping

Now - if they just came with a pin out and a schematic

@greg_greene which supply are you looking for a pin out and schem for?

The big PSU pinout.
If you have the manual for Ruida controller, what each pin does is easier to understand than this one :stuck_out_tongue:

On another note, aliexpress rocks.
Paypal banned them due to much problems, so they started Alipay instead, they take care of their own payment solution.
Money is held until product received.
Been shopping there for 3years+, never lost money.

@HP_Persson probably have to give them a try with these low of price’s but I get nervous when I see a combination of new payment methods and challenged security certificates on their site.