Individual setBrightness with multiple controllers?

Individual setBrightness with multiple controllers?

I am building a project with three LED strips on three pins (WS2812b, around 90 LEDs each strip, using an Arduino pro micro to control them).
I need to set the brightness of each strip individually. Is there a way to call setBrightness only on one controller or do I have to dim all the LEDs in my code?

Maybe this code snippet explains the situation a little better:

Thanks for all your help :slight_smile:

You could cheat at this with the color correction code, eg have the correction for the brightest strip to CRGB(255,255,255) and the correction for the half bright strip to CRGB(128,128,128) and finally for the quarter brightness strip use CRGB(64,64,64).

Thank you for your quick answer, Daniel!
Great idea using color correction for this, but can I call the setCorrection outside of the setup() routine?
The brightness will not be static, but the project will have a way (buttons/rotary encoders? - I haven’t decided yet) to change the brightness of each strip individually.
So it could start out as described in the code, but then I can change the brightness of one of the strips…

This gets a little bit trickier, and isn’t well documented (somewhat intentionally at the moment, I don’t generally want people using it because I may change specifics around it) - but you can get references to the controller objects at runtime by using using array indexes on the LEDS/FastLED object like in here:

I see, this is great!
So the first controller I add gets array 0 and so forth.

Thanks, this helps a lot!

Yup! In theory at least :slight_smile:

This works like a charm :smiley: Thanks again!