Impressive plastic glue!

Yesterday I replaced the rear wiper on the Cadillac.
It has this boneheaded plastic cover that there is no way to get off without breaking one of the tabs.

Being rhetorical: I wonder! Do automotive engineers try themselves to do maintenance on cars they design

Now I know why some amazon wiper offers include the cover!

A cover alone costs $19. A cover with the blade is the same price. Of course, I only bought the blade. After all the cover was in good shape.

So figured I would try the impossible, glue the tab back on!
Been there done that … never worked before!

I glued the tab back on and whoa, it seems to hold really well.
This is an acid test for glue, holding a cantilevered plastic tab on a plastic trim piece.

I have tried many types of glue for plastics and this glue really works!


Very good find. I have a GEM electric car and lots of plastics crack with all the flexing of road bumps. Members of a forum swear by this Loctite stuff but I have not used it yet. Options…