I'm very new to this and can't seem to get my CNC machine working.

I’m very new to this and can’t seem to get my CNC machine working. My wife purchased a Hobby-Fab OX CNC system. I put it all together and followed the the directions for connecting the controllers to the “t”, but when I plug it in, the spindle automatically starts running, and all of the lights come on as expected. . I downloaded the JSON server (GRBL) and connected to the USB port but the device does not respond to commands. the only thing that seems to indicate I’m changing is the middle viewer, the axis window and the running code window. Any ideas would be great. I posted a snapshot of the Chilipeppr Hardware Fiddle screen ti help show what I’m seeing.

Cp looks to be communicating with the controller. Are you sure that you have correctly wired the motors to the controller? And supplied them with enough juice ?

I agree that it looks like communication with the controller is working. I’ll go back and check the motor to controller wiring and report back. Thanks so much for the feedback.

Make sure you center the spindle on your working area before starting Chilipeppr logo, as it is centered and machine will use negative coordinates. If your homing position is in the corner and limit switches are not wired or not enabled you will notice that. Keep Z height above the table and try running in the air first.

I would recommend to begin with some simple manual G0 commands until you are sure everything works correctly.