i'm very interesting in this materials forming skill,

(尹航) #1

i’m very interesting in this materials forming skill, and i want to use this technology to produce construct metal products, so is laser forming the only way to produce metal products? who can share with me some more information? thank you…

(Nick Parker) #2

You can use PLA prints like wax in lost wax casting to produce metal parts.

(尹航) #3

yeah thats a great idea… but in fact its a lost wax casting skill, the metal parts are not derectly produced by 3D printing thank you…

(Stephen Baird) #4

If you want to 3D print directly in metal I think laser sintering is the only way to go (and, to the best of my knowledge, there is no open source hobbyist solution for that - only commercial systems).

(尹航) #5

ye may you’re right ,but if its ture ,most complex metal parts can’t be print by 3D printing, maybe metal 3D printing skill has a great future … i expect that…