I'm reading "A History of RepRap Development" and there's a lot of fascinating stuff

I’m reading “A History of RepRap Development” and there’s a lot of fascinating stuff in there if you’re interested in the evolution of the machine and understanding what design decisions lead to the current generation.


This goes all the way back to our origins, with people like @Vik_Olliver and his lego-built machine and a hot glue gun. I seriously recommend anyone who develops machines to read this. It has a lot of the trials and tribulations recorded, as well as a bunch of ideas that may have seemed like mistakes at the time, but could possibly be worked through now with an inventive mind. Just remember…if you’re going to do it…don’t tell people you’re going to do it, just do it.

That’s a nice collection of interesting reading. Definitely worth a bookmark by anyone really interested in this community.

Yes @ThantiK it’s amazing how many things that companies are trying to patent now were considered for the original Reprap designs.

What’s jumping out at me is how much simpler and low-tech the machines we’re using today are compared to some of the more interesting and ambitious ideas from the early days of the project. It’s a great read since some of the ideas that were impractical back in 2005 are much more accessible today…

Yup, and we published as much as we could to establish plenty of prior art to countersue patent trolls with :slight_smile:

Great way of catching up as everything is in a sequential file. Having a blast! :slight_smile: