I'm not sure why the new DeltaMaker on Kickstarter is getting so much buzz

I’m not sure why the new DeltaMaker on Kickstarter is getting so much buzz when the Rostock Max seems to be a much better printer for less money ($999 vs $1600+)… Thoughts? http://www.3dprinter.net/new-kickstarter-3d-printer-deltabot

Because it’s the first (I think?) delta printer on kickstarter, and all sorts of people who know little to nothing about the style of printer are being exposed to it for the first time because of the kickstarter campaign. At least that’s my theory.

…If it were me I’d go for a RostockMax too.

DeltaMaker looks cooler. Not sure it has anything else going for it when compared to the Rostock Max.

It’s only the first delta because kickstarter wouldn’t let allow their H1 printer in during Printrbot raise to fund, so they went to Indiegogo, and stayed for the new one.
Just looking the RostockMax as a larger total build area. I’ve see it in person but haven’t played with it… it;s pretty amazing how clean and fine the prints look from it.

Yeah, I don’t own a 3D printer yet, but very motivated by the Rostock Max. I was just wondering if this new DeltaMaker had anything nicer but spec wise it doesn’t appear so. Maybe I’m being too harsh…there isn’t really a stable market in general right now, so I suppose the more the better…until the innovation improves and there’s a larger difference between each one.

The delta robot is clever, and i love that about it, but its cleverness is also it’s undoing. The diagonal rods take up build volume that would otherwise be usable. A cartesian bot is much more efficient in its use of frame size.
I started out designing a delta robot, but i switched to a mendel when I realized I could do so much more with the same amount of frame extrusion.