I'm nearly done gathering and printing all my parts for a shapeoko 2 following

(Jeff W) #1

I’m nearly done gathering and printing all my parts for a shapeoko 2 following the “big” plans for a 4x4. I really haven’t seen any comments if the larger sizes are more obnoxious or annoying (or worth it) and wanted to double check before I commit this January.

Also one thing I have not ordered is the router or spindle. I’m seeing a lot of positive feedback for dewalt spindles, but not sure which model.

(Nick Charlton) #2

dw26200 if you are in the uk or dw611 in the US are extremely good routers to use as spindles

(Frank Graffagnino) #3

So, why not the Xcarve parts instead of SO2? And yes, I think the bigger machine is worth it if you have the room.

(Nate) #4

I agree with Frank, just be ready to double up on the X and Y axis. The added stiffness is needed due to the added leverage from the size increase. The min speed on the DeWalt dw611 is 16200+/- RPM meaning you need to keep the feed speed up to avoid heating up your cutters, but this also means added stress on the machine.

(Jeff W) #5

I had gathered most of the SO2 parts prior to 2015 - before the xcarve. Sticking to my guns and money I suppose…

What about the dw660 mentioned on the xcarve?

(Frank Graffagnino) #6

i use the dw660… works great. i think the xcarve actually uses the dwp611 though. I think both would work well. See Bart’s spreadsheet here: https://discuss.inventables.com/t/x-carve-spindles/9280

(Jeff W) #7

Thanks for the link - Reading that I’m now hedging on dwp611 for the moment. Fairly inexpensive too.

(Frank Graffagnino) #8

One advantage of going with a common spindle is more attachments and mounts and things available for it. I don’t think you can go wrong with either of those Dewalt spindles. Inventables sells mounts for both of them. Lots of community mounts too.