I'm looking for a chep supplier for m5 low profile screws.

I’m looking for a chep supplier for m5 low profile screws. But all suppliers I find on ebay look quite expansive. Seem these screws are muche more expansive than taper socket head ones or other head geometry ones. As they seem to be the most widely used screws in 3d printers, where do you buy your screws?

Have you looked on AliExpress? Much more likely to find them there for a more reasonable price.

McMaster for all my screw needs.

AliExpress is the place for things like that. The only downside is deliver times can vary. By a lot. Even from the same supplier. I’ve had a supplier send me a package on a Tuesday, and another package the very next day. Similar size, weight etc, same shipping method. The Tuesday package took 7 weeks to arrive, the Wednesday package about a week and a half. Go figure!

If you’re in the US, TrimcraftAviationRC has a great selection of stainless socket head screws for a fantastic price,
Openbuilds is another option; their screws are slightly lower profile than standard Button Head screws

Well. China Post varies a lot. Customs can get back logged too. I do McMaster most of the time but then I order for my business and my dad’s business needs too so orders are usually combined.

Check Amazon too.

I think that for screws, Inventables and OpenBuilds have okay prices. Even Adafruit. Those are worth checking at least. Else than that, McMaster Carr (am I saying that right) and wherever Ace Hardware gets their screws from (I think it starts with an ‘H’) might be worth checking. Screws at en double prices should be a rather small hit on the checkbook.

I get most of my bolts and such from http://www.fastener-express.com/ they have a pretty good selection of metric bits and pieces

sort of expensive compared to some, but BoltBase UK has given me 100% thread function through maybe 300 m3 and m5 screws, every single screw and nut worked versus up to a 30% fail rate requiring checking each before using (amazon 3d printer reseller stores, all bad screws, soooo bad). For me BoltBase slightly higher prices were totally worth it. They have ebay and amazon stores. Shipping to North America took a while but given the screws ALL worked in batches of 50 and 100, I am willing to wait. no guarantee it’s just my limited experience, but I went through a few online stores to find one that doesn’t make me test fit every darn screw and nut, they seem for now to be my best option.