I'm late but here is my ,

(Ben Van Den Broeck) #1

I’m late but here is my #printcave, granted now I have a filament cleaner and a printed mod for the extruder to spring load/lock the filament.

(Chris Begg) #2

Sweet! I like the fact that it takes so little space. What software do you use?

(Ben Van Den Broeck) #3

Repetier Host & Slicer

(James Jones (CubeSpawn)) #4

Lovely Aluminum Frame…
whats your motion control setup look like?
And, may I direct your attention to http://www.cubespawn.com

(Cristi C) #5

what is this printer’s name?

(Ben Van Den Broeck) #6

Bukobot Mini Green with a MK7-style 1.75 extruder.

(Victor Didra) #7

I love that owl, it was my first print. The amazing thing is how the feathers have such great overhang, and yet still work.