I'm dipping my nose into drones,

I’m dipping my nose into drones, and I would like to build my own since I prefer it that way. however, all I got today is rc cars and boats, and my futaba 4pls won’t do me much good on a drone. So I’m curious what is good and what is not in this world? I got a passion for photography so i need enough channels to operate a gimbal. but I’d also love to try out drone racing. all in due time. first i need a lot of hours in a simulator.

so any suggestions for radio for drone flying? Of course not overkill for an amateur, but not bottom of the barrel either.

Frsky taranis for radio without a doubt. Custom firmware great build quality does everything you need. There a some nice racing kits on bangood for about 100 quid ish.


For the controller, is have to agree, as for the flight controller, if go with the Pixhawk again and again and again. Mind you the Pixhawk 3 is due to be released soon as well. My experiences with both have been buy far and above outstanding. Plus it being open source makes it even that much better.

Taranis x9d i agree the best value for money spent