If you like AngularJS and want to see an example Chilipeppr widget using it

If you like AngularJS and want to see an example Chilipeppr widget using it you can check out:


Its a good starting point for new widgets. Plus @jlauer and I figured out how to get all the RequireJS stuff working with it!


Cool, I think. Am I correct that what we see is a prototype for determining Master and Edge fw versions that are current on http://synthetos.github.io/, based on a json file that Synthetos will maintain as releases are posted?
Not at all clear what/where the 429.01 comes from, perhaps that would be my current fw if I were connected?

The 429.01 is just a test file that gets loaded when TEST is ran. This is removed in production. Yes you are right. We will be working closely in the future for ALL MASTER pushes to work in chilipeppr. This widget is still in the works. I think I might have something able to be posted as soon as tomorrow night.

Can you, or John, point to some specifics as to what AngularJS enables vs. just working in jsFiddle, or more accurately for me, hacking in jsFiddle? I did some quick searches, which yielded endless powerpoint presentations.

Angular is a JavaScript framework. Its a preference. If you don’t know it, then it gets you nothing. There is little chance of explaining the pros and con’s in this thread. Angulajs main website has a ton of documentation on what and why it is.

I can point you in the right direction of learning more when I get stopped driving.

Ok if you want to know more about AngularJS you can read about it right on their home page:

There is a Why section etc. Also there is a learning angular section right off the main page. Again its a bit outside the scope of this community. I personally loathe the way jquery does things. So I learned AngularJS. LOTS of people like AngularJS and know it. So my thoughts were if you wanted to develop in AngularJS this would get you started.

Riley, thanks for this. I am interested in a part of this that isn’t so much about Angular as it is about TinyG. Specifically:
So we’re loading the json from synthetos’ github repository, right? Did you create the result and store it there, or is this something that was already there … (and more importantly what else should I know about?
One thing that might be really cool is a description of the available options in a given firmware, perhaps in XML form.
Anyway, that’s my wild thinking … again, thanks!


Yes we create an maintain this json file. It works with the TinyG Updater found here:

We can add new fields to this JSON if we need to. I think a better way to do this would to have a “git commit” hash for the specific branch that then could use the API in github to read the release notes vs embedded into the json. Think key value pairs.

+1000 for no XML :wink:

Haahah yah.