If you fly complex RC planes and  you're interested in FrSky Taranis Programming,

(Marc MERLIN) #1

If you fly complex RC planes and you’re interested in FrSky Taranis Programming, my example for a 7 channel glider with crow flaps and aileron washout in the doc below will tell you everything you need to know.

My taranis config allows you to setup your flaps asymmetrically where they go down more than up, or only down. You decide how you want to set yours up and you only need to change the subtrim in channels 6 and 7, something that was very non obvious to me when I was learning how to program my Taranis.

My setup is also different from Sean’s by having the throttle stick control crow flaps from 0 to 45%, nothing from 45 and 55%, and then throttle from 55% to 100%. This allows you to use a single power lever to slow down from gliding, or add power to gliding, middle being neutral. No switches to flip to switch from crow flaps to motor power, which is very handy if you have to cancel your landing as the last second.

Blog post here: http://marc.merlins.org/perso/rc/post_2015-05-17_Cularis-7-Channel-Glider-With-Crow-Flaps-and-Washout-Taranis-Config-EEPE.html
Doc below: