If anyone is interested,

If anyone is interested, I have hacked together a quick and dirty python script to generate scaled ui layouts for toggle based on an existing layout. You can find it at:


I’m not sure if any of the other the tabs are good (I am unable to navigate without a touch screen) but I thought it may be useful to someone.

I found that a size of 1320x1080 worked well for me on a non-rotated 1920x1080 screen where the BBB is cropping the screen to some other resolution.

Haha! Awesome!

Nice! Are you going to have a mouse or get an apple bluetooth touchpad to interact with Toggle?

Needs a bigger platform though!

I have a bigger platform that I use for PLA. I use this platform for ABS because it heats up quicker. 24V x 26A = 624W!

I have a wireless mouse so I’m looking into using that.

I was talking about the platform on the screen, but now that you mention it, your physical platform is a bit small as well! Did you try implementing a soft mouse yet? I would say try a stage.connect(“motion-event”, self.mouse_move) and take it from there. Just start with a red square as a MVP:)

Haha! Yes, the platform on the screen is too small as well! Another thing on the to-do list. I haven’t gotten around to the soft mouse implementation yet either. Having a 5 month old child takes up a lot of my time :slight_smile: Thanks for the suggestion on where to start though.