If anybody wants to play around with a Chimera version of the carriage here

If anybody wants to play around with a Chimera version of the carriage here is where I left off. It is not my best work, and the part cooling duct looks like a bird beak… but it should work just fine. With some TLC it could be a pretty compact dual extrusion carriage for either HercuLien or Eustathios. It could work for Cylops too… but it would need removal of the beak on the part cooling duct.

@Walter_Hsiao could make something much prettier and less utilitarian than mine… I am sure of it. Every modification he has made so far to Eustathios is brilliant. So that’s why I am throwing it out there, hoping someone better than me can get inspired and do something cool.

Anyway, I have STL, Solidworks, Step, and X_T here: https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B1rU7sHY9d8qTjZHcjUwaVhDd1E&usp=sharing

Have Fun :slight_smile:


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Thanks Eric! You did all the hard work already, I’ve just been tweaking around the edges. And doing so is so much easier with all the designs and files you’ve provided.

I probably won’t do anything with a Chimera for a while since I don’t have one and haven’t really found dual extrusion to be something I want to do. There’s a lot of things I like about the Chimera though so I may play with one at some point.

That chimera looks nice on there :slight_smile:

Omg I’m so excited. I was just about to put the eusta carriage on my herc. So glad I waited.

Now I just need to order a chimera

I wonder if this will work with e3d’s cyclops hotend?

@Daniel_Salinas should help gain a little more usable space on the HercuLien.

@Gus_Montoya It would, but the part cooling duct would need some modifications.

Anyone done anything with the Chimera and Volcano? I’m going to use it with a .4 Volcano and a .8 or 1, don’t want things to get too leaky. +Eric Lien Does S3D support using one extruder for infill and another for shell?

@Walter_Hsiao Could you send me the file you have been working on? I’ll improve it a bit more (if it needs be) and use it for my chimera.

This is an old post about dual extrusion… But I’m curious if anyone is doing this on a Eustathios Spider V2? What are the advantages of the chimera versus the cyclops? Would the X5 Mini be capable of doing dual extrusion?

@bcrazycramer I think you can get a stepper driver shield for it.

I ran a chimera on it but then switch to a V6 because I didn’t want all the mess of wiring and complications while building.