Idea for a safety by working on laser - if You have any solution

Idea for a safety by working on laser - if You have any solution in Your mind, then please let me know if this is possible and how is it possible.

So yesterday i have put my laser on job and was studying some articles about health, when I noticed that laser stopped moving, but the beam stayed in the same place. I took a look at my PC screen and I have seen a blue screen error - windows was unresponsive, no way to control anything - I must rebooted PC. Sometimes I like to leave the laser working and leave the room to prevent breathing the smokes or smelling that nasty smell from plastic or other material I am working on with. So what can I do that Laser would shut of automatically if it get’s no response from windows? Cause windows stopped sending GRBL code to the laser. This could possibly burn the plastic or wood if I wouldn’t notice this.

My question: Is it possible to add some code to the macros or in the settings so that in such case the machine would go in to alarm mode or simply turn of the laser if no response from pc…?

If PC is losing connection, then no Macros will help. It’s possible to do a safety setup using a “reverse” motion detection setup, but it would require some work and may be subject to false triggers. Essentially, Im thinking a laser interlock controlled by Arduino that is using a motion detector as a trigger.

I never leave my shop when jobs are running, but if you must…

  1. Make sure your exhaust is installed and working properly. It’s not worth risking injury to your lungs.
  2. Install a smoke detector near your laser. Preferably an internet connected one that can notify your phone.

Relating to Peters comment. Insurance Agent searched me out on FB and Google. Found my Home business. They definitely consider Laser industrial equipment and require special rider. It’s costing me about $500 to cover damage caused by laser and CNC. Had I burned my house down and the Laser or CNC were to blame. It would have been a fight to get them to cover the claim

Are you running in M3 or M4 mode?