I was trying to add a few more screenshots to my last post and

I was trying to add a few more screenshots to my last post and somehow that post is gone. These screen shots are to confirm the breakage Daniel was experiencing in the base plate.

I wanted to give something to this projects so decided to focus on the Simulation of the failures we have seen thus far. I used SolidWorks Simulation for the studies. These are quick and dirty, with lots of assumptions as far as fixture points and load. I guessed around 45kgf on the nose for the force.

The blue and red plots are for factor of safety. The red areas are of concern, or where we will see failures. After seeing the areas of failure, I started tweaking the design to see if we could make this work with a fully printed part. I thickened up the base plate to 5mm and added several ribs. At this point we are still seeing a potential failure. I can’t spend any more time on this today, but suggest we look at extending the differential housings. I think if we extend those back onto the base plate, that will add some much needed strength in that area.

If you know what I may have done to delete my original post, please let me know.

I was wondering where your post went! =)
Good job btw, that´s a good help!

I’ve yet to figure out how to add photos to an existing post myself.

I still think you did good work. grin