I want to buy a 3D printer who has the best printer to offer.

I want to buy a 3D printer who has the best printer to offer.

Now by “buy” do you mean fully assembled or DIY?

DIY I’d personally go with a Prusa Mendel i2 or a printrbot (insert flavor)

Already assembled printrbot lc I have heard is a good and not to bank breaking little printer. I have a friend who has an UP! Printer. Another friend likes the solidoodle and loves them.

I personally was uniformed and went with the Prusa Mendal i2 (I hate and love it at the same time)

If you can provide a little more info on what you want I’m sure we could help you a little better.

There is no ‘best’.
What is your budget what do you want to print, and what are your technical skills ?

I’m a jeweler and think the 3D printer would be a Great tool for creating moldings that would be meticulously precise in detail.

I want a 3D printer already put together…could rino be used for software editing

I just got a Makerbot Replicator 2 and freaking love it! Pulled it out the box and was printing within minutes! If you have the skills to make your own 3D models then you will love it!!

If you’re going to spend Makerbot money, get an Ultimachine instead. Makergear Prusa and Makergear Mosaic are other respectable kit choices.

If you’re a jeweller… Is it for accurate castable models in resin or just rough prototype models?

First part I would go for formlabs which is an SLA resin printer.

Second option I would consider the leapfrog, since it does ABS very nicely. Beats PLA in the experience of plastic…

I have leapfrog and Bot2 and leapfrog is king. For the price with duel head and large build size, there is nothing close right now. This is only from my personal experience.

For jewelry making, FDM machines are not the way to go. Abandon all yee hope those who enter here.

Be prepared to lease a $10,000+ machine for that, or send off to shapeways.

I been searching the web for leapfrog and children’s toys keep popping up