I want these... but for the ingentis.

I want these… but for the ingentis. I’m guessing that the hot end mount would have to be redesigned for different cross bar positioning though. :[

@Tim_Rastall 's new design is a lot like this, with belts… Check out his post with CAD files a few posts back.

Tim - Have you printed / used those style x/y ends? I’m currently deciding on my x/y setup and I can see the benefits of both the original style blocks and your new “all bars on the same plane” style ones. Which have performed better in practice do you think?

its not exactly pretty but here is a openscad representation (not exact) of @Tim_Rastall 's xy ends.


@Jarred_Baines not quit yet. Still getting things back together after an electronics failure… Hopefully this week!

What do you mean accelerate paper instead of weights @Shauki?

You’re smart - which design do you think? Original ingentis or like pictured in this post?

@Shauki I can assure you side loading by pushing on the hot end nozzle with my finger causes no roll on the rod ends. Its far more ridged than I imagined. You would have to see it in person to know.

In theory your evaluation is correct. In practice it’s really nice.

Just a side note this is not my design. Credit goes to @Tim_Rastall and @Jason_Smith . I just modeled in SW and made tweaks. I think some people are mistakenly giving me credit. I am standing on the shoulders of giants.

I see how Erics design puts torque on the shafts, I originally thought tims was perfect (intact his design is based on my suggesting that it would eliminate that torque :wink: but when I think about it, there is a downward force on the x/y ends from the center shafts… the center shafts are not FULLY supported by the outer shafts, they are suspended within the plastic x/y end…

I STILL feel it looks like a better design, but… I’m interested to see how @Tim_Rastall 's trials go, since he’s had both designs, he can give us all some unbiased input here :slight_smile:

I don’t understand why ultimaker 2 is more eustathios (@Jason_Smith style design) than ingentis (@Tim_Rastall new design)…

There’s obviously a lot of brains and time and research gone into that machine, why have they opted for that design when they could have gone with the new design?

They make me feel like I’m missing something here?

Lol - these designs are all inspired by the ultimaker, ultimaker is both a father and a dwarf :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Their source is shared on http://youmagine.com too if you (for some reason) want to see how they do things :wink:

I did have a look, nothing we dont already know through the efforts here - I just remember being surprised by their choice of x/y ends but you are correct, for their build size that much stability would not be necessary…

Just getting electronics back together. Printed an xy last night but something is up with my Y stepper so the end result was rather slanty :(. Will Try again tonight.

@Shauki double steppers is something I’ve thought about but I’m working on something new that doesn’t use shafts in at least 1 axis so I probably won’t get around to testing that idea.

@Eclsnowman The giants are Ultimaker and to some degree Sublime (the creator of Tantillus). Props to you for further improvements though!