I’ve seen people here adding a (touch?) screen to a modified/upgraded custom control panel,

I’ve seen people here adding a (touch?) screen to a modified/upgraded custom control panel, presumably after a #Cohesion3d main board upgrade. My question is: is this necessary to use it after the board upgrade, or is this just a kind of “UI sugar” or for something else? (E.g. SD card interface?)

I do not now, but I planning to add a edit: (sorry) rasperry pi to my laser and may use octopi (if it works?) or raspi os with k40 whisperer. Second should work as I know…

It’s a graphic LCD, useful for seeing status, jogging/ controlling the machine, and running jobs without having your computer tethered all the time.

The GLCD Adapter and GLCD Screen are available on our website.


@BEN_3D when you say, “add an Arduino” do you mean a basic RAMPS 1.4 board? If so, and if it is running Marlin, then OctoPrint should be able to communicate with it. If you mean an Uno plus a grblShield, then I’m not so sure.

@raykholo What do “WCS” and “MCS” mean in that image? (Also, while I’m sure I can find it, a direct link to the GLCD item for sale on your website might be more helpful than just the image of it).

World vs Machine coordinates. As long as you haven’t applied a G54 offset (complex CNC stuff) then they’re the same. I just pay attention to the left half :slight_smile:



@SirGeekALot sory i thinking to rapsperry pi and had have written arduino. I editited it at the top. I think an arduino would be to slow for this job, but the 40k whisperer is written in phyton and so it should possible to add it to the octopi and/ or compile it to the raspi os.

And it should also able to add sensors for water temperture, water flow … live cam …