I thought I'd share my new discovery that I'm having a bit of fun

(Chuck Comito) #1

I thought I’d share my new discovery that I’m having a bit of fun with. I’m sure this is not new news but it might help others that are looking for an alternative gcode sender that works well with smoothie.


So far it’s pretty cool. Does anyone have an opinion on this software they’d like to share?

(Arthur Wolf) #2

Do you find it works well ?

(Eric Lien) #3

I have good luck using it. I like the easy setup of macro buttons, and the ui is more customizable and intuitive than others I have used. Only thing missing is a built in probing and autolevel Routine/UI like chilipeppr or bcnc.

(Chuck Comito) #4

I honestly don’t have an opinion yet. It looks promising. I had a job to run so I resorted to bcnc because I know it a bit better. Bcnc will stop when you tell it to. Cncjs sort of lingers for a bit before it stops. I think it’s got to empty it’s queue and I don’t have an estop connected yet.

(James Rivera) #5

I use it on my TinyG v8 board. Love it!

(James Rivera) #6

@Eclsnowman I use the built in probe tool.

(Eric Lien) #7

@James_Rivera but the cncjs probe cannot yet do mesh level. For cutting large sheet aluminum this is important or you can have too deep of a DOC, leading to chatter. For me mesh level is the only missing piece for cncjs.

(Chuck Comito) #8

@Eclsnowman , what host do you use that has mesh leveling, bcnc?

(Eric Lien) #9

@Chuck_Comito both Chilipeppr (tinyg machines, or Grbl), and BCNC (Smoothieware) can do it.

(James Rivera) #10

BCNC was on list of hosts to try, but once I got CNC.js working I didn’t bother. @Eclsnowman it sounds like you have tried both. Outside of the mesh leveling, which do you prefer?

(Eric Lien) #11

For UI… Cncjs, hands down. BCNC has a really dated feel as far as graphics and workflow.

But for features… BCNC has cncjs beat for now. Plus BCNC running as native compiled code, versus node.js setup… I would say it will be less likely to run into memory and performance issues.

(James Rivera) #12

@Eclsnowman Thanks for sharing your opinion. I just took a quick look at the github home page wiki and realized it is also a CAM tool! Have you used its CAM functionality, or do you only use it as a gcode sender?


(Eric Lien) #13

@James_Rivera i have only used it as a sender.