I think somebody gonna loves this...

I think somebody gonna loves this…

my master :P…ops sorry shauki :stuck_out_tongue:

Great design, like this:

i have issue on 120° for #stardelta :stuck_out_tongue: need resolve it :stuck_out_tongue:

With Onshape? Share it with me…

Snifff :frowning:
But feel reassured, it’s not gonna cost me anything.
By the way, any particular reason? You were attacked by a Jedi as a young boy?

Shauki…rember your stepper plate are almost laser cutted :smiley: in alu :stuck_out_tongue:

…laser is basic tool for a fablab :wink:

you are evil :stuck_out_tongue: :frowning: my friend

We should make a “lather” :slight_smile: