I saw someone mention Loomi or IQlight on here,

I saw someone mention Loomi or IQlight on here, but I can’t seem to find the conversation now. Anyway, I ordered a small puzzle lamp kit and put a Spark Core and two 24 NeoPixel rings in it. I used a lamp socket to outlet adapter, then a USB power adapter, and a short USB power cable to hang the lamp from the recessed “can” light in the ceiling.

I’m very happy with the diffusion and form, but I’d like it to be brighter and more usable as a lamp replacement. So of course I plan to put more LEDs inside. :slight_smile: I’d also like to construct something more 3D inside than two rings back-to-back, so I can more fully utilize the volume, get more motion, etc. Thoughts, suggestions?

PUZZLE LIGHTS: White Modern Lamp Shade (Small):

Looks cool. Maybe a strip of white APA102’s coiled around in there to really provide some white brightness as a normal lamp? (And then later you could also use them for some bright sparkiles in disco mode.)

Here the template http://betaisbetter.com/art-design/2011/12/craft-time-modular-sphere/
Here the instructions http://www.loomilight.com/instructions/loomi_instructions.pdf