I saw one picture of a particularly explicit print,

I saw one picture of a particularly explicit print, but AFAIK the design was never posted anywhere. Other than a few suspiciously phallic designs on thingiverse with other stated purposes, I’m surprised it took so long to see this happen. It’s sad that our society is too puritanical and sex-negative for thingiverse to accept them.

How American, assault rifle parts are acceptable but god forbid you show a plastic penis!

I agree with the sentiment, but in fairness, they took the printable gun design down too.

@Whosa_whatsis - not all. The one that was apparently used as a starting point in that AR15 lower receiver test video is still there, along with several other parts which may or may not be functional:


The first thing a collegue of me asked when i told him that i have a 3D printer, was a mold for his latest invention. You might get an idea what that invention is when you take a look at his first one :wink:
That was a year ago

Hmm, I have similar concerns for this as I would with food type items. All the little nooks and crannies for all sorts of bacteria to get into.

Especially with the poor prints they’re showing.

You’re probably better-off either printing negatives for molding silicone or making silicone molds for other materials.

Anyone stupid enough sticking PLA or ABS anywhere it doesn’t belong shouldn’t be able to us a 3D printer in the first place. Anyone else who realy thinks of using this for entertainment better get up to date with creating molds for silicon or rubber.

I’ve seen some sex related posts. the one that really caught my attention was a 3d printed IUD that wraps around a copper penny.

they make it clear its not a real thing, and should not be used. as it has not been tested.

The approach used by the other 3DEA participant - NY Toy Collective - is the proper/expected flow: 3d scans, print via i.Materialise, create a mould, cast in silicone. There’s a Fleshbot blog post that goes thru it in rather graphic detail, but since G+ doesn’t let us mark posts NSFW I’ll avoid posting a direct link.

They really should be printing the negatives and then casting these pieces out of them, and then showing off the positive casted pieces.

It’s nice the designs are available. I’ve got a buddy @ the lab who was interested in doing this a while back, and he’s got experience with casting silicone, so I’ll try turning one/multiple of these out and let you guys know how it goes.

I suspect they’re doing it the other way because the volume of material needed to print the high-res positive would be significantly less than for the negative.

There was a story from the early days of Thingiverse that I have half forgotten of a gnome that was put up that was briefly popular to print out (there weren’t that many toys yet). The person who created it revealed at some point that it was a buttplug and was designed precisely for that purpose. I’m trying to figure out if this story is true or not! I can’t find the gnome though I sorta remember it.

If memory serves, I think Tony had uploaded a design for a tool handle that people were convinced was for other purposes. Might have been around the same time http://xkcd.com/924/ came out and while he was experimenting with scanning garden gnomes. Perhaps it was part of that first wave of controversy?

nah, different story. You are talking about the infamous “pizza cutter handle” which was a hilarious project.

There was also a fly trap or something that looked exactly like a vibrator.

And there was a vibrator (soon to be taken down) that had the best comment of all time. (I wish I could remember it precisely.) “You, good sir, have created a sander!”

oh man, I didn’t design the pizza cutter handle, I just printed it once. Also, I think you’re confusing the story of the gnome of mine that was re-posted to a certain spoof “toy” website without my consent, but I didn’t design the gnome for that purpose! :slight_smile:

Funny how these things tend to take on a life of their own, eh? :wink:

Also, having read that blog post, I must say that “Jeff the 3D technician” = worst. job. ever.