I ran into a few issues today while doing test cuts I was nervous

I ran into a few issues today while doing test cuts I was nervous on the first run of my spindle and clicked feed hold then clicked queue flush… That resulted in all my tinyg setting to revert to factory defaults. It happened to me again followed the same procedure as mentioned above and it only reset the mm/Rev of my z axis and the pwm settings. Can someone fill me in on what I did wrong?

I’ve never heard of that happening before? I have had times where only after resetting the TinyG did it take my new settings.

Was that using the software reset you have in chilipeppr or was that the physical reset button on tinyg

Either one would usually do the trick.

Can u repeat this process and make a vid? I guess the flash on ur tinyg may broken, but i dont belive it :slight_smile:

@Alex_Krause When did you obtain your tinyG ?, there was a batch last fall that had incorrectly set internal “fuses” (programmable bit) that protect the MCU from marginal input voltages and were corrupting FLASH. the most common symptom was a borked bootloader, so tiinyG would not boot nor could you reload FW.
The legitimate way to get back to factory default parameters is to send a $defa=1 command from the Serial Port Console; I don’t believe there are any interface icons on CP that would do that. For completeness, as JohnL points out, reflashing tinyG with FW also resets parameters to default.
Are you powering tinyG from same power supply as your Spindle? Not a good idea - noise.
If your problems persist - log your issue with Riley here: https://www.synthetos.com/contact-us/