I own the Pegasus 12" printer and I would like to one from this

I own the Pegasus 12" printer and I would like to one from this group. I would like to keep as many parts as possible. I also want to make it a heated chamber. Can anyone suggest a proper build for me http://www.makerfarm.com/index.php/12-pegasus-kit.html

That’s one way to reduce vibrations…I guess.

It really is a solid frame.

Those are good vibrations

why is she jumping with a printer on her head? and why did you post the picture reversed?

@Dovid_Teitelbaum If this is the only printer you have and you do not have free access to another 3d printer, or somebody that can print parts for you, it might be a good idea to rather keep this printer in tact so that you can print the parts that you need on the new printer.

Yeah I agree with Pieter, unless you are completely strapped for funds. You could potentially print all the needed parts ahead of time, but it would be very difficult scavenging parts. Do you know which printer you want to build? Also, why do you want to build one? I’ve heard good things about the Pegasus.

Seems so weird to have an exo frame with a sliding bed.

I happen to have another printer but I guess I will print the parts out first anyhow. I like the printer but I dont like that the y bed moves because i cant properly enclose it. Thats the biggest reason but I also like the ultimaker type gantry with these printers seems to have.