I now have the permanent site up for selling 1.75 and 3.00 mm ABS

I now have the permanent site up for selling 1.75 and 3.00 mm ABS and PLA, 12+ colors of each. I’m currently running a sale - $36 per 1kg spool with USPS Priority Mail shipping for a flat $5. The filament comes on a wide diameter spool – so that you don’t get tight curls toward the end of your rolls. I think it’s good quality at a good price. Please let me know what you think. Thanks!

Is there any way you could let us know how transparent any given filament is? It’s often really hard to tell whether a color is going to come out opaque or not.

Also, are you willing to reveal the mfg of the filament or some more specific tolerance/tech specs? Your prices look great and your selection is good, but I have no reviews to turn to yet!

Thanks for the feedback. I plan to take more detailed pics that will better show off the translucency of the filament. I just haven’t quite gotten there yet!

My first batch of filament generally tested within +/- 0.03mm. I need to do a more extensive round of tests with the new batch.

If you send me your mailing info via the contact page, I’ll be glad to send you a sample length for testing, plus color clippings.


Do you know of anyone on G+ that has experience with your filament and would care to testify?

I’ve only very recently started sharing on G+, and the only person that I can immediately think of may have very legitimate reasons not to comment publicly (although I think if he did, he would definitely answer in the positive). I am on the Makerbot Operators Group on GoogleGroups, and a number of folks there have been happy. I do stand behind my filament – as I mentioned earlier, I’m willing to send out samples.

I’ve been printing with some Red 1.75 mm PLA from Joseph for a day or two now and liked it so far. Tolerance is good and I’ve done a few .2 mm prints on a ToM with it.