i need the basic k40 laser cutting engraving machine information,

(Basit Ansari) #1

i need the basic k40 laser cutting engraving machine information,
i am interested to buy it,

there are lots of models and company’s, i am not sure which brand is good for quality and performance,

kindly refer me which one is mostly good for working and economical price.

thank you
Abdul Basit

(Ned Hill) #2

It’s hard to say. There are numerous manufacturers and a lot of distributors for these machines. They also come and go. Most people just search for the best price with the understanding that it’s a bit of the luck of the draw. Most sellers tend to work things out with buyers if there is a problem when delivered, especially if you buy off ebay.

I would recommend getting a machine with the ammeter for power rather than the digital power setup. The ammeter gives you information about your tube that the digital %power setup will not. However it’s fairly simple to add an ammeter later if you get a digital one. Best pricing also depends on where you live. You won’t find the best price right now. Historically prices spike in December and then typically do not drop back down until March or a bit later.

Maybe some more recent buyers will reply with a recommendation. Hope this helps.

(Basit Ansari) #3

Hi Mr. Ned Hill,

Thanks for your kind reply, but still i am confuse which brand and company is good, i am in Riyadh Saudi Arabia,

Here some machines available but very expensive as compare to http://ebay.com or http://amazon.com

If u have any further info feel free to contact me:
Thank you,

Abdul Basit

Saudi Arabia