I made many check in settings and I still have the same artefact using

I made many check in settings and I still have the same artefact using Cura, Slic3r or Skeinforge.

All gcode are good in Pronterface or Repetier. None have the gap between the edge and the fill.

So it seems, it’s a problem with the printer itself :frowning:

I print and print but only to throw away everything done

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How could I manage to solve the edge without filling you can see on the right of the printed part?
For information, I have change the nozzle by a 0.3mm one and I use slic3r and repetier. But I got more artefacts like this one by using skeinforge.

Thanks for any input.

Here the part I try to print in Sketchup format and use the STL exporter included into Sketchup.


It looks like the piece in the bottom of the picture doesn’t have the problem, while the top does. Is that just the angles, or do you only see this on certain parts of the build plate?

I have this on both pieces and it seems if it is the same everywhere I place them on the plate. The piece on the bottom is downloaded from Thingiverse, the top one is exported from Sketchup.

The hole aren’t circle but they look like oval and anything are not fitted.

Most of my prints (even simple square) got gap between the edge and the fill. For all of them, pronterface and repetier show correct pieces and print are rotten.

Hm… It looks like there’s a problem with the X axis.

I’d try checking the tension on the X belt, and make sure none of the X pulleys are loose or anything. If that all seems ok, check the stepper voltage for your X axis and maybe try turning it up a little bit. And depending on how hard you’re working the steppers maybe try putting a little fan on the electronics to see if they’re overheating.

This looks like classic X-axis backlash to me. Check the tension of the belts, make sure your pulleys are on straight, etc.

I checked the tension of the X axis stepper and fix it.
I tried to tighten the belt but it runs to X axis trolley stop to move.

If I rotate the pieces by 45 degrees, I have less artefacts but this is not a way to go ie pieces are filled.
I do not understand why it print edge at a position X and stop the filling at a position X’ and gap is closed to 1mm.
Does it be possible that is related to the feed rate?

With my 0.3 nozzle I have increase layer height to 0.3mm. Slic3r give better fill but with gap larger between edge/fill. Skeinforge give worst fill but gap smaller.

@Bruno_Pettorelli , it’s backlash. I’m certain of it. Either your belts are skipping notches, or your belts are not tight enough, or they’re the wrong material, profile, or something. This is not a software problem.

@ThantiK , perhaps I did not understand what is backlash and how to solve it. I tighted the X axis until it blocks the stepper and untighted it a bit. I did the same on Y axis. On the picture, the belt was tight eough for my understanding.
I’m ready to believe it could be an extruder or profile issue. I’m sure it is not slicer software related. It is something with the printer.