I made a thing! MSGEQ7 + WS2812B + arduino nano.

I made a thing! MSGEQ7 + WS2812B + arduino nano. some aluminum U-profiles, white plastic L-profiles.

Very nice! I love incorporating the MSGEQ7 into most of my projects. Your effect is nice and subtle without being too distracting. It’s hard to tell if there is a delay between the LEDs and the audio or if it is just related to the video itself but I bet you could speed things up dramatically by using an ESP8266 or a Teensy.

@Brian_Lewis I programmed it to react to both lower bass bands (out of 7 total each) of the 2xMSGEQ7 chips. The bass is not being picked up by the smartphone microphone and doesnt translate well into the video. In person, the effect is in perfect sync with the bass. This animation only is a “proof of concept”, since on friday there will be a edm concert at this venue. There will be DMX512 support added (for choosing colors and mode) as well as a menu interface on the control box to choose between many different animations. The red color was requested since the party will have a red theme. There already are plans to replace the nano with a nodemcu/ESP8266-12E board for the programming space alone. Software update over the air is a big plus, too.

@Maximilian_Schlutter I’d be interested in seeing the project once the DMX functionality is added… I am going to see if i can duplicate your effect on one of my MSGEQ7 projects today.

@Brian_Lewis i will definitely post again when it’s done

Share code and squematics, please!!!

@Jose_Manuel https://github.com/maschlue/Lichtlatte here you go, it’s not pretty though. It will be expanded on in the future, as in DMX control, menu interface and more.

@Jose_Manuel here is the board I used https://www.tindie.com/products/Nick64/jf-audio-spectrum-visualizer-board-basic-kit/

@Brian_Lewis I added my code to github https://github.com/maschlue/Lichtlatte

Thanks +Maximilian Schlütter, you are very generous!!

@Maximilian_Schlutter Thanks Maximilian, you are very generous!!