I haven't seen this one here yet....Kinematically,

I haven’t seen this one here yet…Kinematically, I figured I’d seen every possible way to extrude plastic, but this was a new one to me:

Classic stewart platform, which is used for car/flight simulators as well as for certain heavy-duty CNC mills.
The interesting part here is that once the slicer plays along, overhangs suddenly cease to be an issue, and the layers could be oriented in any way that would be most beneficial to the part’s strength. It’s all a matter of software!

Agreed…I’m pretty sure there are some pretty big envelope limitations, and it certainly doesn’t lend itself to duplication at home, but interesting, nonetheless.

Hey @Mike_Miller : http://forums.reprap.org/read.php?178,374352

Similar, yet different! :smiley:

Man that extruder drive and hot end looks remarkably like the one that came with my makerbot cupcake!